DarkBot: The First DarkScape Bot!

DarkBot™ is the first DarkScape bot released! It is fully working with a scriptable API and powered by the powerful EpicBot™ botting platform. DarkBot™ is currently free to try, all of our scripts, as they are in beta testing!


The One And Only

The first ever released DarkScape bot that is full-featured and ready for you to gain some levels with. Combat, Mining, Chopping, let's get to work!

Superior Scripts

Advanced developers are at work as you read this creating top quality Darkscape scripts! You can try our current ones for free or make your own!

Free To Use!

DarkBot™ is free to use. Simply download it, open it up, log in and select a script. Report any bugs on our forum please!

Download DarkBot For Free!

The best and safest free DarkScape bot powered by EpicBot™

Developed By Experts

EpicBot™ has always been a pioneer for RuneScape botting. We present to you our latest creation: DarkBot™, the first and only working Darkscape bot in existance. It's crafted by the most elite in the industry!

Top Quality Scripts

We have some working free scripts that are available for testing. Not all are perfect, but most work. If you do not see something you like, request a script idea and see if a scripter will work on it for you!

Advanced Scripting Platform

Looking to make your own scripts? DarkBot™ has an open scripting platform that allows you to make your own scripts in minutes. You could build a simple chopper in under 5 minutes!